Gavin's Story

05th Dec 2017

Gain your heavy rigid truck licence. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. 

It’s dead easy. If you’ve been led to believe that gaining qualifications to drive a heavy rigid vehicle is too hard and you shouldn’t bother, I can assure you that they are wrong.

I am a farmer in the New England region. The day arrived when I decided that I should get my licence. I needed a truck on-farm and once I had my licence, I would also be able to pick up extra work carting goods or contracting.

I got on the phone to Inverell Heavy Vehicle Training and spoke to Craig. From there the process is as simple as 1, 2, 3. Craig directed me to his website and Helpful Links page which gives all the information necessary to complete the truck licence process assisted by a qualified, independent assessor.

  1. I logged on to my home computer and found the Inverell Heavy Vehicle Training website. I had some fun playing with Driver Knowledge tests and checked out Craig’s links to the Road Users Guidebook and the Heavy Vehicle Road Users Handbook while I was there. These are highly recommended reading when it comes to passing the Knowledge Tests.
  2. I dropped by the Services NSW Office to complete my Knowledge test. Nothing new here, just the normal RTA drill – check your eyes, give ID and pay a fee. Once I passed my Driver Knowledge Test I was issued with my Learner’s Logbook – now I was ready to hop in the cab and undertake training and testing with Craig. We spent a day in the truck learning the ropes. We covered securing loads, road rules, manoeuvring a large vehicle in town plus heaps more. The next day after a practice run of the course, Craig had his checklist handy to make sure I ticked all the boxes for competency. ‘Great job Mate,’ he told me, ‘Now you just wait to hear if you have passed.’
  3. Once my Certificate of Competency arrived, I was off to the Services NSW office for my licence. That bit of paper felt good in my hands. I was now certified to become an Aussie truckin legend… just like Craig.

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