Ashley Gained his MR Truck Licence

27th Feb 2019

A quick search on Google, a click of a button and a phone call.

Landmark Store Manager, Ashley Faint saw the writing on the wall - deliveries in a ute and trailer just weren't cutting it anymore - a truck would be the best solution for safe delivery of goods to Landmark clients around Inverell. With OH&S and safety issues to consider, gaining his MR licence will make delivery of shuttles of ag chemicals and pallet-sized goods much easier. He did a quick google search and called Craig at Inverell Heavy Vehicle Training to organise his truck licence.

Ashley speaks very highly of Craig as an instructor. He gained a lot of knowledge through the pre-inspection check.  "It would be a very hard thing to do, teaching people to drive a truck, it would be very stressful, but he was very cool, calm and collected," Ashley said. He considered Craig to be highly efficient with a great knack for training. 

If you are considering gaining a heavy vehicle licence, Craig is the man to call.

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