Behind the wheel, trucking a delivery to Gooloogong

15th Oct 2018

Last week Craig delivered a row crop machine from Boss Engineering, Inverell, to "Moxey Farms", Gooloogong, by Inverell Freighters. This is the life Craig knows and loves. And this is what makes him an exceptional driving instructor. If you love to ... more details

Obtaining a Truck Licence Makes Good Business Sense

10th Sep 2018

Mitch Cameron completed his truck driving licence requirements with Inverell Heavy Vehicle Training back in 2017. First his HR, then his HC. "Craig was awesome," Mitch says. "He is a great bloke." With the knowledge that he gained from Craig, Mitch... more details

Inverell Heavy Vehicle Training; Teaching Just a Bit More

7th Aug 2018

‘If you think you know it all, Craig can teach you a little bit more.’ Laurence Burdekin, “Scrubber” to all who know him, kept the side of our roads neat and tidy for years. With his medium rigid licence, he had gained a job ... more details

24 tonne of dry lick to the Northern Territory

8th Jun 2018

Craig is currently at Marla in South Australia. He is delivering 24 tonne of dry lick to a station on the Northern Territory border. If you would like a job like this, then the first step is to get your truck license. Give Craig a call on 0459 23... more details

Armidale HR License

1st Jun 2018

Another successful graduate. Emma got her HR license today. Emma needed it for her job in Armidale. She is now able to operate the tipper at the Recycling & Waste Facilities, among other duties. Call Craig on 0459 23 23 20 to get your licens... more details

The Ideal Training Ground for City Trucking is in Inverell

30th May 2018

Top-rate Training Ground It was just one year ago that Bryce Woods booked in his truck driving test with Inverell Heavy Vehicle Training, knowing the challenges of city driving that awaited him. In Bryce’s opinion, Inverell is top-rate as a t... more details

Keeping Busy Trucking

14th Mar 2018

As a farmer on the drought assistance Farm Household Assistance Scheme back in 2016, I was rather sceptical at the news that the Government wanted to hand me money to “upskill”. ‘Whatever,’ was the first thought I had, then af... more details

Scrubber got a HC

9th Feb 2018

Scrubber got his HC today. We have a lot of customers getting their truck license through us to improve their job prospects. Scrubber (Laurence) shows that it is good in your existing job too. He got his HC so that if he had to relieve anyone at wor... more details