Licensing Process

  1. Learners Knowledge Test - The first step is passing the learners knowledge test that relates to the licence class that you wish to obtain. It is advisable you study both the road users guide book AND the heavy vehicle road users handbook. You can find links to these on our Helpful Links page, or you can get a hardcopy from Service NSW. If you have questions regarding the test or the process, or need help with studying for the knowledge test, please call us on 0459 23 23 20.
  2. Practice - Once you pass this knowledge test, ask Service NSW for your learner's logbook and then you can come to us for training. Training and assessment takes from 10 - 15 hours depending on the licence you are applying for.
  3. Competency based assessment system - Under this system you are required to be assessed as competent on a range of activities that relate to the safety aspects of driving a heavy vehicle. Upon successful completion of this course you will then undertake a 1 hour final competency assessment with an independent assessor.  All this is organised by us and included in your fee. Then you will receive a nationally recognised Certificate of Competency. Take this form to Service NSW and they will upgrade your licence. All the training and driving assessment is done by us. There is no need for a Service NSW driving test.